Say it Again

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: You’ve made an announcement about an event or communicated about a direction your church is going for weeks or even months, only to have someone stop you, seemingly upset, because they had “never heard anything about it” and felt left out!

Intentional Alignment

I love my job! I read emails, texts, and have lobby conversations weekly with people who have great plans or ideas for ministry. I’m a dreamer and future thinker, so these conversations don’t scare me anymore. Common conversations I have is when people come to me wanting to start a new ministry or change our current Restoration Ministry. I used to feel pressured to…

Intentionally Vulnerable

In my life and throughout my discipleship journey I have struggled with wanting to be perceived as being right more than wanting to do what is right. I think the struggle is mostly motivated by fear, self-protection and hurts from the past. Some of it comes from seeking the praises of others and the applause of what some would call effective leadership over faithful obedience to truth.

Release Them To Go: A Bittersweet But Necessary Step

“What is wrong with me?” I thought as I stood before the church with tears in my eyes. “Get it together! Be a man! This is supposed to be a happy occasion.” I knew this day was coming, it was something I had prayed for and longed for over ten years. Now that day was finally here, prayers were being answered, the faithfulness of the church body was producing some amazing fruit, and even though I was elated, a wave of sadness washed over me.

Relational Discipleship and Cultural Context

Have you ever been somewhere severely unlike where you live? I have traveled a lot over the years – across the globe and within the United States. It’s been a gift to be able to travel and experience all sorts of people, languages, cultures, and FOOD. One thing I’ve learned is that everywhere I go, it’s obvious each place has a different culture and language.

Abiding Fosters Unity

I looked over into the opposing team huddle and I saw the all-star running back shove his teammate to the ground, which resulted in an eruption of hollering and fighting amongst teammates. Even though this event was 30 years ago I remember it like yesterday. I can still recall the sense of victory I had because I knew when the fighting starts, a team has lost.

Developing a Consistent Prayer Life

Any study of the topic of prayer, will quickly lead someone to these 3 verses in 1 Thessalonians. We know that a vital prayer life is critical for us as disciple makers, so how do you get to that point in your spiritual life where prayer becomes a much more consistent behavior in your life?

Quiet Enough

Could it really be? Samuel lay in bed waiting, breathing slowly, listening. He knew he had heard his name twice before. Each time he had run to Eli, yet Eli insisted he had not called him. But then, Eli said someone else may be speaking his name, Ywhw, himself. So, Samuel waited.
Quiet enough to listen, still enough to hear. Those are challenging actions in our world. Being honest, I find it challenging. Rarely is my world quiet

Healthy Rest for the Journey

A disciple-maker once said, “Justin, you must learn to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.” When I first heard those words, I was conflicted. On one hand, I wouldn’t say I liked the statement because I wanted results. I enjoyed the results of all the hard work I did for Jesus. Results that looked good on the surface, but deep down, they were motivated by selfishness and a drive to feed my false identity. I was consuming the lies of being affirmed as a winner instead of being a child of God. Who cares about the journey?

Come Out of The Tent!

“You!” The shift in tone cracked through the dusty lecture hall, abruptly interrupting the monotonous drone of the lesson. All eyes turned away from their studious notes or distracted doodles to focus on the weathered professor. “Hey, you!” the professor repeated, capturing the attention of every freshman in my Intro to Old Testament class. We all began scanning the room, trying to match Professor Harju’s gaze. And I thought he was looking at me. It made sense. I was the one