Go With The Goers

Justin Jordan - Lead Pastor | Real Life Ministries Treasure Valley, Meridian, ID

I sent him a text message that read, “Jesus is proud of you for stepping up like you did last week.” My friend X (yes, that’s his name) texted me back, “I said that out loud and it made me start to cry. I’ve never thought about Jesus actually being proud of me. Thank you man.” It was an incredible text message reaffirming my belief that we, as disciple-makers, must be intentional by “going with the goers.”

Goers = Hungry, Humble, Obedient Action

X started attending my men’s group six months ago. His interest in attending my men’s group was related to learning to conquer some personal battles. He came and instantly connected with another man in the group who had learned to defeat those same battles. He was quick to engage, learn from someone else, and take the following steps to apply what he was learning. His willingness to walk in obedience struck me. This type of individual I had seen before in groups I had led. A disciple-maker pointed out and taught me to look for these individuals when leading a group. He told me, “Those types of disciples, people who are hungry, humble, and quick to take action. Those are the ones you go with. Go with the goers.”

Jesus does not sit with sitters; He goes with the goers!
This principle is true today in seeing Kingdom fruit in people’s lives but comes from the first disciple-maker, Jesus. Jesus models this intentionality to us in his interactions with His disciples. Notice that Jesus pours a lot of time and energy into a disciple who is quick to think, speak, and act. Sometimes incorrectly, I might add. You probably already know who I am talking about. Peter. Peter’s willingness to be an obedient optimist was fertile soil for Jesus’ Kingdom words to take root. However, Peter wasn’t the only one. Matthew also shows us that soon after he accepts the call to be Jesus’ disciple, he invites all his friends and has a party to introduce others to Jesus. There are other examples, but I want to mention the women at the well. She is quick to have a spirited conversation with Jesus about her reality, and after she realizes the truth, she is quick to go to the city and tell everyone about Jesus. 

Discipleship Bulldog

Has X continued to be a goer? He has! Two months ago, we started a new series in our small group that focused on learning the habits of becoming godly men. The habits concentrate on learning how to have quiet time, memorize scripture, pray daily, and be together as a group each week. X was there weekly, sharing his quiet times and scripture memorization that he committed to. 

At one group, he stated, “I am learning to go back to what the Word of God says for my life instead of scrolling on Instagram and repeating old thought patterns and old behavior that doesn’t lead me to life.” This incredible growth statement is overflowing from his heart and out of his mouth. 

During the last session of this curriculum, the author asks the group to vote for the “Discipleship Bulldog.” This award goes to the person who worked hard to learn new skills as a disciple, checked in on others, and ensured they were doing okay throughout the curriculum. This person sets the pace for the rest of the group. X was the discipleship bulldog for our group. 

From these examples and others, we could discuss, it is evident that Jesus does not sit with sitters; He goes with the goers! Who are the ones in your life you need to go with?