Prepare the Way

Justin Jordan - Lead Pastor | Real Life Ministries Treasure Valley, Meridian, ID

Do you remember Michael Buffer’s iconic hype introductions for fights in the ’90s and early 2000s? I’m sure you can hear his voice right now, “Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!” His half-brother Bruce Buffer followed in his footsteps and now introduces UFC fights with, “It is TIME!” These men have helped set the tone and prepare the way for main events for over four decades that have captivated audiences. They’ve prepared the way much like a character we know in Scripture who intentionally prepared the way and pointed people to Jesus. Who is this person? John the Baptist.

Everything John the Baptist did was intentional in pointing people to Jesus. The call for his life was to prepare the way for Jesus by taking on the spirit and power of Elijah (Luke 1:14-17). He fully lived up to this call by dressing like Elijah, living like Elijah, communicating like Elijah, and passionately calling on people to repent for the Kingdom of God was at hand (Matthew 3). He lived out the reality of making a path straight to Jesus by figuratively leveling mountains, raising valleys, the uneven ground becoming a plain and rugged terrain became like a broad valley. He created a runway for Jesus to do the work only Jesus could do. Like a backcountry runway amid the forest or desert wilderness for a bush pilot, John the Baptist intentionally prepared the runway for Jesus to land and start his ministry.

What about you? How are you intentionally preparing for Jesus to do the work He does? What does that look like? I’ve used the B.L.E.S.S. acronym to help me remember to live as an intentional disciple who shares my faith and invites people to see Jesus.

  • Begin with prayer – who are you praying for?
  • Listen to them – who are you in a real relationship with, and how are you listening to them?
  • Eat with them – who are you inviting into your home and having a meal with them?
  • Serve them – when you spend time with them, Jesus will reveal ways to serve them; who are you serving?
  • Share your story, your life, the Gospel – are you ready to share your story of knowing Jesus when the time comes? Who are you inviting to your home group? To Sunday service?

Over the years, I have intentionally sown seeds in people’s lives, preparing the way for Jesus. Nothing is more rewarding than partnering with Jesus, seeing them get in the water, and being baptized, knowing I helped prepare the way for that moment. Easter is coming! After praying and building a relationship with him, I invited my son’s baseball hitting coach and club President to church for the first time. It’s been an 18-month process, but the Holy Spirit said it is time. For you, the time is now to be intentional. “It is TIME!” as Bruce Buffer would say.

Go, prepare the way!


Justin Jordan
Lead Pastor
Real Life Ministries Treasure Valley
Meridian, ID