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201 Partnership – Participant – RLM Texas (Oct 2020)
201 Partnership – Facilitator – RLM Texas (Oct 2020)
This is a partnership agreement which is what RLM Texas (Tomball, TX) has 101 Partnership attendees sign and turn in after the class.
101 Partnership – Participant – RLM Texas (Oct 2018)
101 Partnership – Facilitator – RLM Texas (Oct 2018)
In this audio breakout session, we explored why assessing, creating and maintaining a healthy culture on staff is essential for fostering a positive and productive work environment. Topics included are the importance of aligning core values, celebrating wins and equipping employees with the necessary skills to contribute effectively to making disciples.
In this audio breakout session, we talked about planting disciple-making churches and campuses nationally & Internationally. Having a strategic plan to make disciples from the outset is needed and requires intentionality.
In this audio breakout session, we explored how senior leaders lead by example in making disciples, abiding in Christ and being in a small group. We also discussed strategies used to align teams by leading with integrity and authenticity.
In this audio breakout session, we discussed how to coach teams in the areas of being & making disciples, alignment and intentionality within your Operations Ministry.
In this audio breakout session we talked about how to activate new leaders, best practices for scaling your structure and present a new method of launching new groups to meet the needs of a growing church.