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Sermon Team Collaboration Meeting

In this video you can watch a Sermon Team Meeting in action with some of the staff from the Real Life Ministries campuses.

Webinar Series – Family Ministries

In this webinar, “Family Ministries” we explored the benefits and importance of having a Family Ministry in your church. This live webinar covered a range of topics, including the purpose of having a Family Ministry, when a church should consider adding one, the role a Family Ministry plays in discipleship, and the common mistakes to avoid.

Creating a Healthy Staff Culture: Why It Matters in a Disciple Making Church

In this audio breakout session, we explored why assessing, creating and maintaining a healthy culture on staff is essential for fostering a positive and productive work environment. Topics included are the importance of aligning core values, celebrating wins and equipping employees with the necessary skills to contribute effectively to making disciples.

Multiplication: Discover How to Reproduce and Multiply Churches

In this audio breakout session, we talked about planting disciple-making churches and campuses nationally & Internationally. Having a strategic plan to make disciples from the outset is needed and requires intentionality.

Organizational Leadership: How Senior Leadership Leads the Way in Disciple Making

In this audio breakout session, we explored how senior leaders lead by example in making disciples, abiding in Christ and being in a small group. We also discussed strategies used to align teams by leading with integrity and authenticity.

Operations: How Discipleship Intersects with Your Operations Ministries

In this audio breakout session, we discussed how to coach teams in the areas of being & making disciples, alignment and intentionality within your Operations Ministry.

Adult Ministries: Effective Leadership and Growth Strategies

In this audio breakout session we talked about how to activate new leaders, best practices for scaling your structure and present a new method of launching new groups to meet the needs of a growing church.

Adult Ministries: Groups that Help People Grow in Spiritual Maturity

In this audio breakout session we discuss how to help small groups move from being simply relational, to intentional. We also talk about the importance of men’s and women’s discipleship being integrated into your small group strategy.

Worship: How Worship Arts Contributes to a Discipleship Culture

In this audio breakout session, we focus on how worship teams contribute to disciple-making, from the platform to production, creating meaningful worship experiences at the intersection of creativity, spirituality, and discipleship.

Outreach: Intentionally Implementing Outreach Events in Your Discipleship Strategy

In this audio breakout session we talked about how to reach the lost, connect the unconnected and meet the needs of your community through intentionality and how to resource those struggling in your community.

Q&A – 2023 RDN Gathering

Q & A Session – 2023 RDN Gathering – Post Falls, ID Pastor Larry Osborne Dr. Michael Brown Mark “Moose” Bright – RDN Director

What To Do With LGBTQ

What To Do With LGBTQ Dr. Michael Brown 2023 RDN Gathering – Post Falls, ID
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