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201 Partnership – Participant

201 Partnership – Participant – RLM Texas (Oct 2020)

201 Partnership – Facilitator

201 Partnership – Facilitator – RLM Texas (Oct 2020)

Partnership Agreement (RLM Texas)

This is a partnership agreement which is what RLM Texas (Tomball, TX) has 101 Partnership attendees sign and turn in after the class.

101 Partnership – Participant

101 Partnership – Participant – RLM Texas (Oct 2018)

101 Partnership – Facilitator

101 Partnership – Facilitator – RLM Texas (Oct 2018)

Podcast Series – Small Groups: Best Practices

Learn best practices for leading small groups. Discover how to measure the effectiveness of your small groups, and learn how to differentiate between a successful small group that is making disciples versus one that is just a gathering. We will also explore tips for branching out small groups and avoiding common mistakes in leading them.

Podcast Series – Healthy Rhythms

As we age, we often face natural and supernatural challenges, and need a plan to combat them and finish well. Developing life-giving rhythms is key to sustaining ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. Find out you can find healthy strategic rhythms as a leader.

Podcast Series – Intentional – Pt 1

In this podcast, “Intentional” (Pt 1) you will learn valuable insights that will help you become a better person, disciple-maker, and leader. We also start to explore eight powerful principles of disciple-making from Brandon Guindon’s latest book “Intentional”.

Sermon Team Collaboration Meeting

In this video you can watch a Sermon Team Meeting in action with some of the staff from the Real Life Ministries campuses.

Podcast Series – Family Ministries

In this podcast, “Family Ministries” we explored the benefits and importance of having a Family Ministry in your church. This live podcast covered a range of topics, including the purpose of having a Family Ministry, when a church should consider adding one, the role a Family Ministry plays in discipleship, and the common mistakes to avoid.

Creating a Healthy Staff Culture: Why It Matters in a Disciple Making Church

In this audio breakout session, we explored why assessing, creating and maintaining a healthy culture on staff is essential for fostering a positive and productive work environment. Topics included are the importance of aligning core values, celebrating wins and equipping employees with the necessary skills to contribute effectively to making disciples.

Multiplication: Discover How to Reproduce and Multiply Churches

In this audio breakout session, we talked about planting disciple-making churches and campuses nationally & Internationally. Having a strategic plan to make disciples from the outset is needed and requires intentionality.
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