The Power of Testimony

Judy Cintron - Director of Restoration | Real Life Ministries Texas, Tomball, TX

Sharing your story is a powerful way to connect to others. In re:generation, which is our recovery ministry, when we introduce ourselves, we tell people about our current struggles. We also include our stories of healing and restoration from the past. By telling our story, it could lead someone to seek help and to begin their journey of healing.

Jesus was teaching to a crowd in Luke 5. This crowd included Pharisees and teachers of the law who had come from Galilee and Judea and Jerusalem to hear what Jesus had to say and see Jesus heal people. There were some men carrying a man on a mat who was paralyzed, and they wanted to bring him to Jesus to be healed. The crowd of people made it impossible to get near to him. The men went on the roof, removed some tiles and lowered the paralyzed man with his mat to Jesus. And when Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Man, your sins are forgiven you. Rise, pick up your mat and go home.”  And immediately the man stood up, picked up his mat and went home, glorifying God. The crowd was amazed, and they glorified God and were filled with awe, saying, “We have seen extraordinary things today.”

THE MAT… our testimony.

The mat previously used by the paralytic became part of the testimony of his encounter with Jesus. Jesus can turn anyone’s story into a masterpiece. The mat is a reminder because he did not leave it laying on the floor. No longer his identity, but a part of his story. I wonder if the mat remained in a place that he could be reminded of what God has done in his life? I suspect he told his life changing story to friends, family, and his community. The mat that once he sat, paralyzed and dependent on others. Now a tool that helped get him to Christ and symbol of his transformed life.

THE FRIENDS… our team.

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about the men who were seeking healing for the paralyzed man. This is where we get to imagine a bit of the story line. It says in the Bible… “when Jesus saw their faith” not just the paralyzed man, but the team of men who brought him to Jesus to be healed.

How many of you have taken a personality assessment? There are tons of them out there. My guess is that the men carrying the paralyzed man had different ideas and ways of doing things. Some were more analytical, some might have been high feelers, some might have been bold challengers of the status quo. Each brought something different to the table on how to solve the problem. This story from the Bible reminds me that great things can be accomplished when a group of people work together.

One of the most powerful statements I have heard is one we use in the RDN family is We are stronger together. Christ saw the faith of the friends and made a point to attach their faith to His healing power. When lives change the testimony impacts others and together we get to do ministry together!

Our team of restoration volunteers use this lens in light of eternity.

  • We must be unified and understand that every gift, personality, and passion is necessary and should work with all the rest to fulfill our purpose.
  • We can be part of a powerful transforming grace if we are willing to share our story of what King Jesus has done for us with others.


by Judy Cintron – Director of Restoration
Real Life Ministries Texas
Tomball, TX